Ensure Script Compliance

For industries where regulation is a mandate – like financial services and health care – call recording software is an absolute necessity and script compliance assures that agents stay on track. Sales organizations also find script compliance critical to protecting their brand and meeting conversion goals.

Failure on the part of sales or service agents to follow a mandatory script or business process can lead to issues with customer satisfaction and efficiency, and could put a business at risk if they operate in a regulated world. Disregarding a single non-compliant event on just one call with a customer can lead to expensive litigation and the loss of a customer’s trust.

Why CallFinder Contact Center Scripting Software

CallFinder speech analytics software provides an affordable way to ensure script compliance so that your frontline employees adhere to company rules and regulations while in conversations with your customers. This insures against potential liability and acts as a customer service training tool to help guide and improve agent performance in these challenging situations.

Precise searches within CallFinder, using exact keywords and phrases from your script, will help pinpoint issues with script compliance in recorded calls. Call recording also provides a jump on risk mitigation and the development of improved phone sales training programs to ensure 100 percent compliance.

Additional Benefits
By using CallFinder speech analytics to mine recorded phone calls for script compliance concerns, you can:

  • Ensure a level of call center monitoring that is not possible with random sampling or manual listening to every call recording in its entirety
  • Save the compliance manager’s time by automatically exposing script compliance issues
  • Provide insight for agent performance evaluations and customer service training tips
  • Enforce a consistent customer experience, which will improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of selling to that customer again

Learn More
Discover how a Fortune 500 company uses CallFinder’s compliance tracking to detect the calls that do not meet necessary script compliance so they can retrain agents and improve their script compliance procedures.

To learn other ways CallFinder speech analytics and call center monitoring software can help your business achieve call optimization, please call a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 and schedule an online demonstration.

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